PhD dissertations

As a supervisor

  • [2021] – Tingyu Huang, PhD dissertation co-supervisor (with Stephen Matthews), TBD. 
  • [2019] – Arthur Lewis Thomson, PhD dissertation co-supervisor (with Stephen Matthews),Teasing Apart Phonological Iconicity: an Investigation into Chaoyang Southern Min (tentative title).   
  • [2017]- Eileen Renee Waegemaekers, PhD dissertation co-supervisor (with Umberto Ansaldo): Convergence in the multilingual mind: a dynamic approach to competition and selection

As a committee member

  • [2018]- Jonathan Havenhill (Georgetown), PhD dissertation committee member: On the Role of Labiality in Sound Change. 
  • [2017]- Stacy Peterson (Georgetown), PhD committee dissertation member:Durational cue in diphthongs:perception and Markedness. 
  • 2017- Kate Reistenberg (Georgetown), PhD dissertation committee member: Input frequency effects in the second language acquisition of Zapotec lexical tone. 
  • 2015- Tracy Aileen Canfield (Georgetown), PhD dissertation committee member: Metathesis is real, and it is a regular relation: a computational approach. 

PhD qualifying papers 

  • 2016 – Goeun Chae (Georgetown), exam committee: L2 Acquisition of Variable Use of Case Morphemes in Korean: Testing the Interface Hypothesis. 
  • 2016 – Shannon Mooney (Georgetown), exam committee : Child acquisition of sociolinguistic variation. 
  • 2016 – Jonathan Havenhill (Georgetown), exam committee:On the role of Labiality in Sound Change. 
  • 2015- Kate Reistenberg (Georgetown), exam committee:Modeling the role of input frequency in the second language development of phonology.
  • 2014- Stacy Petersen (Georgetown), exam committee: Diphthong Production and Perception: Dispersion Theory analysis in OT.