My full downloadable CV: [PDF]


  • MIT, Cambridge, MA: PhD in Linguistics, July 2013
  • Seoul National University, Korea: MA in English Language and Literature, Feb 2008
  • Seoul National University,Korea: BA in English Language and Literature, Feb 2006


  • University of Hong Kong; 2016-present, Assistant Professor of Linguistics
  • Georgetown University; 2013-2016, Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics



  • 2017   U2121th Anniversity funding, Universitas 21, UK, USD 5,000; Fund to host The 3rd Asian Junior Linguistics Conference


  • 2017   Teaching Development Grants, HKU, Grant for developing a new common core course titled Human learning: a life-long adventure. HKD 60,637
  • 2016-2018   Seed Funding for Basic Research for New Staff, HKU, Computational modeling of biased phonological learning. HKD 150,000

Recent conference presentations

  • 2018   Mooney, Shannon and Youngah Do. Learners change artificial languages to constraint free variation in line with typological principles. Old World Conference on Phonology. London, UK, Jan 12-14.
  • 2018   Mooney, Shannon and Youngah Do. Inductive bias in acquisition of phonological variation in artificial language. Linguistic Society of America. Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan 4-7.
  • 2017   Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. A substantive bias for perceptually minimal alternations in Artificial Grammar learning. Old world Conference on Phonology. Düsseldorf, Germany, Feb 20-22.
  • 2016  Havenhill, Jonathan, and Youngah Do. The role of visual speech cues in sound change: A study of the cot-caught contrast among Michigan speakers. The Acoustic Society of America. Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov 28- Dec 2.
  • 2016   Do, Youngah, Elizabeth Zsiga, and Jonathan Havenhill. Naturalness and frequency in implicit phonological learning. The 90th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Washington, DC, Jan 7–10.

Downloadable papers are available here.


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