Language Development Lab

Language Development Lab** Our lab page is currently under construction. Details of the lab and our current work will be updated shortly.  

Welcome to the HKU Language Development Lab (LDL)! We are a research team working on learnability issues mainly in morphology and phonology.

Current projects 

  • Computational modeling of learning phonological alternations 
  • Biased phonological learning: cross-linguistic comparison  
  • Hierarchical structure of multimorphemic words: evidence from an overt priming experiment   



  • Youngah Do
  • Yoonsang Song   

PhD students 

  • Arthur Lewis Thomson
  • Eileen Renee Waegemaekers
  • Suki Yui 

BA students 

*Update: Ryan Lai will join us as a Part time BA Research Assistant from March 2017 for our project on morphophonological acquisition. Welcome Ryan ! 

We are currently looking for undergraduate research interns. 

[Undergraduate Research Interns] Our lab welcomes enthusiastic undergraduate students to work with members of our lab from April 2017. Under the guidance of faculty members and PhD students in our lab, Undergraduate Research Interns will be involved in developing and making materials for studies, subject recruitment, and running experiments with children and adults. Minimal commitment is 4-6 hours/week for at least two semesters and preferably longer. Ideal candidates should feel comfortable recruiting families at public settings (native languages: Cantonese, Mandarine, Korean, or English) and interacting with them. Proficiency with MTurk, SuperLab, PsychoPy , R as well as working with video editing software is not required but preferable. To apply, please contact Youngah Do at youngah [at] hku [dot] hk and/or Yoonsang Song yoonsang [at] hku [dot] hk with your CV.