Journal articles

Accepted     Song, Yoonsang, Youngah Do, Jongbong Lee, Arthur Thompson, Eileen Waegemaekers. The reality of hierarchical morphological structures of multimorphemic words. Cognition.

2018 Do, Youngah. Paradigm uniformity bias in the acquisition of Korean verbal inflections. Phonology 35(4)[preprint]

2018 Havenhill, Jonathan and Youngah Do. Visual speech cues constraint patterns of articulatory variation and sound change. Frontiers in Psychology [link]

2016 Yoonsang Song and Youngah Do. ‘Cross-linguistic syntactic priming in bilinguals: priming of the subject-to-object raising construction between English and Korean.’ Bilingualism:Language and Cognition 21(1): 47-62. [link]

2015 Youngah Do, Chiyuki Ito and Michael Kenstowicz. The base of Korean noun paradigms:evidence from tone.  Korean Linguistics 16(2): 108-141. [link]

2014 Youngah Do, Chiyuki Ito, and Michael Kenstowicz. Accent Classes in South Kyungsang Korean: Lexical Drift, Wugwords, and Loanword.  Lingua 148: 147-182 [link]

2011 Youngah Do and Michael Kenstowicz. A Note on Phonological  Phrasing in South Kyungsang. Studies of Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology 16 (3): 371-382 [PDF]

Refereed conference presentations

If you would like a copy of handouts/slides of the talks/posters here, please send me an email.

2018  Mooney, Shannon and Youngah Do. Inductive bias in acquisition of phonological variation in an artificial language. The 92th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan 4–7.

2017  Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. A substantive bias for perceptually minimal alternations in Artificial Grammar learning. Old world Conference on Phonology. Düsseldorf, Germany, Feb 20-22.

2016  Havenhill, Jonathan, and Youngah Do. The role of visual speech cues in sound change: A study of the cot-caught contrast among Michigan speakers. The Acoustic Society of America. Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov 28- Dec 2.

2016  Do, Youngah, Elizabeth Zsiga, and Jonathan Havenhill. Naturalness and frequency in implicit phonological learning. The 90th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Washington, DC, Jan 7–10.

2015  Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. Paradigm uniformity in the lab: prior bias, learned preference, or L1 transfer? Annual Phonology Meeting. Vancouver, Canada, Oct 9–11.

2015  Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. The source of the paradigm uniformity preference. DGfs Workshop: Universal biases on phonological acquisition and processing. Leipzig, Germany, March 4–6.

2013  Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. Three biases in learning phonological alternations. The 21th Manchester Phonology Meeting (MFM), Manchester, UK, May 23–25.

2013  Do, Youngah and Michael Kenstowicz. The base in Korean noun paradigms: evidence from tone. International Conference on Phonetics & Phonology, Tokyo, Japan, Jan 25–27.

2013  Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. Featural overlap facilitates learning of phonological alternations. The 87th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), Boston, MA, Jan 3–6.

2013  Do, Youngah. Children employ a conspiracy of repairs to retain uniform paradigms. The 87th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), Boston, MA, Jan 3–6.

2013  Do, Youngah and Michael Kenstowicz. The base in Korean noun paradigms: evidence from tone. The 87th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA), Boston, MA, Jan 3–6.

2012  Albright, Adam and Youngah Do. Evidence for feature-level generalization of phonological alternations. Cognitive Computational Phonology Workshop, Paris. June 7.

2012  Do, Youngah. How child listeners integrate pragmatic and phonetic cues: evidence from Korean. The 37th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD), Boston, MA. Nov 2–4.

2012  Do, Youngah, Michael Kenstowicz, and Chiyuki Ito. Kyungsang Korean accent patterns: lexical drift, loanwords, and novel words. The 144th meeting of Linguistic Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan. June 16–17.

2012  Do, Youngah. Children pick and choose when acquiring inflectional system. International Child Phonology Conference, Minneapolis, MN, June 4–6.

2011 Do, Youngah. Learning phonological alternations without bias. The 29th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL), Tucson, AZ. April 22–24.

2011  Do, Youngah. Pragmatic effect on phonetic perception: evidence from sentence processing. The 37th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (BLS), Berkeley, CA, Feb 12–13.

2010  Do, Youngah. When focal cues are conflicting: Focus perception in Korean. The 20th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, Oxford, UK, Oct 1–3.

2010  Do, Youngah. I know, but I don’t want to: learning lexical exceptions. The 6th International Conference on Language Acquisition, Barcelona, Spain, Sep 8–10.

2010  Do, Youngah and Michael Kenstowicz. A Note on Phonological Phrasing in South Kyungsang. Seoul International Conference on Linguistics, Seoul, Korea, June 23–25.

2010  Do, Youngah. Why do Korean children learn some alternations before others? – predictions from Maximum Entropy Grammar. The 46th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS), Chicago, IL, April 18–20.

2010  Do, Youngah. Satisfying output-to-output faithfulness by excessive morphology: experimental evidence from Korean verbal paradigms. The 36th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley (BLS), CA, Feb 6–7.



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