PhD dissertations

As a supervisor

  • [2021] – Tingyu Huang, PhD dissertation co-supervisor (with Stephen Matthews), TBD.
  • [2019] – Arthur Lewis Thomson, PhD dissertation co-supervisor (with Stephen Matthews), TBD.
  • [2017]- Eileen Renee Waegemaekers, PhD dissertation co-supervisor (with Umberto Ansaldo): Convergence in the multilingual mind: a dynamic approach to competition and selection.

As a committee member

  • [2018]- Jonathan Havenhill (Georgetown), PhD dissertation committee member: On the Role of Labiality in Sound Change. 
  • [2018]- Stacy Peterson (Georgetown), PhD committee dissertation member:Durational cue in diphthongs:perception and Markedness. 
  • 2017- Kate Reistenberg (Georgetown), PhD dissertation committee member: Input frequency effects in the second language acquisition of Zapotec lexical tone. 
  • 2015- Tracy Aileen Canfield (Georgetown), PhD dissertation committee member: Metathesis is real, and it is a regular relation: a computational approach. 

PhD qualifying papers 

  • 2016 – Goeun Chae (Georgetown), exam committee: L2 Acquisition of Variable Use of Case Morphemes in Korean: Testing the Interface Hypothesis. 
  • 2016 – Shannon Mooney (Georgetown), exam committee : Child acquisition of sociolinguistic variation. 
  • 2016 – Jonathan Havenhill (Georgetown), exam committee:On the role of Labiality in Sound Change. 
  • 2015- Kate Reistenberg (Georgetown), exam committee:Modeling the role of input frequency in the second language development of phonology.
  • 2014- Stacy Petersen (Georgetown), exam committee: Diphthong Production and Perception: Dispersion Theory analysis in OT.

MA thesis 

  • Sevilla Robert Marcelo (2018, TBD), Ji Ying (2018, TBD), Cheng Chun Wing (2018, TBD)
  • Tzi Dong Ng (2017) ‘Phonological Changes of Englishized Cantonese Words in Cantonese-English Code-Mixing: Acoustic, Perceptual and Attitudinal Evidence’
  • Shengyi Yan (2017) ‘The Tone and Voicing Interaction in Shanghainese’
  • Meng Zhang (2017) ‘An experimental study of prosodic words in mandarin Chinese’


 at HKU

New courses developed 

  • LING 2066 Computational Linguistics 
  • Common Core Course Human learning: a life-long adventure 

Courses taught

  • LING 2004 Phonetics (undergraduate;Fall 2016)
  • LING 2027 Phonology (undergraduate;Fall 2017)
  • LING 7004 Phonetics & Phonology (graduate;Fall 2017) 
  • CC 9906 Human learning: a life-long adventure (undergraduates; Sprig 2018) 

at Georgetown

Courses taught

  • LING 001 Introduction to Linguistics (Spring 2015, Spring 2016)
  • LING 215 Sounds of Language (Spring 2015, Spring 2014, Fall 2013)
  • LING 410 Phonetics (Fall 2015)
  • LING 411 Phonology I (Spring 2016)
  • LING 412 Phonetics & Phonology II (Fall 2014)
  • LING 413 Phonology II (Fall 2015)
  • LING 512 Phonetics & Phonology III (Spring 2014)
  • LING 712 Seminar: Topics in morphophonology (Fall 2014)
  • LING 713 Seminar: Phonological acquisition (Fall 2013)
  • LING 716 Seminar: Experimental Phonology(Spring 2015)
  • LING 717 Seminar: Phonetics and Phonology interface (Spring 2016, co-taught with Elizabeth Zsiga)



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